For metal strips, sheets, stainless steel coils, cotters, sheet metal components and Stainless Service Center

  • Excellent grinding effect
  • Good brightness
  • Uniform surface quality
  • Bright finish in single operation
  • Self dressing effect throughout the brush life
Deburring / Finishing

Laser Cutting, Punching, Shear Cutting, Laser Oxide, Rust removal etc.

Polishing / Finishing / Brushing

Flat Sheet, Strips and coils,

Brush Finish

MATT, SATIN finish achieved by Valgro Non-Woven abrasive brush

Duplo Finish

Developed by Valgro Combi Kat brush with abrasive belt and Non-Woven material.

N0. 4 Hairline Finish

Achieve by Valgro combi brush with 120, 150 grit abrasives grit.

Blank & Coil De-greasing, De-scaling, Washing, Cleaning, Brushing

Valgro-Fynex High performance brush provide outstanding surface quality for the brushing process.
Valgro brush effectively remove un-pickled patch, Depth oxide, Rust, Oil Patch and any type of residue from sheet and coil lines. After brushing the blank or Strip is flushed again with washing medium on both sides.

De Scaling De Greasing Washing Cleaning Sanding