Valgro-Hyzer Tube Polishing Machine is specially made for round tube polishing. This machine is very economical and precise working with less power consumption.

Achieve Matt / Satin / Hair Line / High Gloss Finish with Valgro Abrasives flap brush & wheels

Round Tube application : polishing of small Capillary Tube, Brass / SS Tubes, Gas lighter cell, Kitchen Basket Rod & Hardware manufacturer etc.

Technical Specifications

Model RTB 50 Baby RT 150 HD
Products Round Tube Round Tube
Brush Station Single Head Two / Three head
Working area 3mm to 50mm OD 12mm to 150mm OD
Main Motor 3Hp 5 Hp / 7.5 Hp.
Gear Box Motor 0.5 H.P. 0.5 H.P.
Flap Wheel : OD x width 200mm X 50mm 350mm X 100mm
Feed Rate Maximum 5mtrs /min. Maximum 5mtrs /min.
Floor Space ( L x W x H) 1500mm X 1000mm x 900mm 2100 X 1000 X 900
Electrical Supply 440V-50-60Hz 440V-50-60Hz
Flats Bar Square Rectangle Tube Profile De Scaling De Greasing Washing